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    FBI Contract Awarded Low Back Pressure Suppressor US DOJ FBI awards HUXWRX Safety Co. (formerly OSS Suppressors) with the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) contract for production and delivery of their new 3D-printed FLOW 556k suppressor. The Indefinite Deliverable/Indefinite Quantity Contract is worth $4.9 million to be paid out over […]

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    FLOW 762 TI Lighter and quieter than its predecessor, the FLOW 762 Ti sets a new standard for suppression. The latest evolution in Flow-Through® technology delivers above and beyond toxic fume mitigation, accuracy, and repeatability. By 3D-printing entirely with Grade 5 titanium, the FLOW 762 Ti is the lightest rifle suppressor […]

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    Description This hard-use suppressor was constructed through a unique manufacturing process utilizing a 3D printed Inconel 625 core that is fully welded to 17-4 Stainless Steel front and rear modules. This makes the Velos LBP unlike any other low blow-back suppressor on the market. It’s SilencerCo’s most durable suppressor yet, partially due to […]